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04 December 2006



Beautiful wreath and card. I haven't done anything for Christmas just yet.

I'm a bit disappointed with the insaneness surrounding the holidays too, but I usually get into the Christmas spirit as the day gets closer.

Annie in Austin

My daughter sends out her handmade cards every year, to be treasured by the recipients. Bet your lovely creations are saved and kept, too.
As to noticing the letters on a basketball - giving the presents is wonderful, but such attention to detail is inspired.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


First time commenter... as busy as you seem with all your work, it is impressive to know you find time to hand make Christmas cards.
If it were me, I'd take that lovely picture of your garden gate with the wreath, maybe get the dog to sit on the camera side of the fence, and send that picture as the card. I love pictures of garden gates, and wondering what's on the other side...


Vera: I just have a wreath because of my brother - it's usually not until the 15th or later that I start realizing that I'd better get busy! Then I guess I contribute to the insaneness as much as anybody - but I try not to.

Annie: That's great that your daughter sends out homemade cards too! What kind does she do? I think I'll try and scan a few of mine - I've kept most of them (or my mother has) - I've thought about framing them for a collection of them to put up over the holidays.

Carol: Welcome! Oh, I can't get my Wood to sit still very long - plus I'd have to include the wild Stanley and the Ancient Wonder Beagle and the three-legged cat...now that would be a family photo! I love gates too - have you ever been to Charleston? We have many secret gardens hiding behind beautiful wrought iron garden gates...

Annie in Austin

My daughter was a photography major - there is usually a photographic image incorporated somewhere, but with special papers, hand drawn graphics, collage elements, and last year, with beautiful words that were written by her husband. We are all spoiled rotten.



Annie: They sound wonderful!

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