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11 November 2006



"All my best, Sabrina"?? Ugh. I sure hope their competitors fly rainbow flags for a while to make sure all the lgbt business stays away from the homophobes.


Bill: I know, ugh. I'm thinking these guys have gotten alot of negative letters and emails (including an email from me) - and that their business will be impacted, but who knows. The 'all my best' just stuck with me too.


What a terrible story. Do you think that the passage of the amendment will embolden people to discriminate against gays more openly?


Vera: I certainly hope not, but I think there is a chance that it will - that folks will consider it a 'victory' of sorts. It is a terrible story - the note is so simple, so direct.

Annie in Austin

Thank you for this thoughtful and complicated essay, Pam, and for the story of your church and pastor. You *were* very lucky to have been raised in such an inclusive atmosphere, with such a pastor.

I've been reading the comments at EAL's blog, here, and at Garden Rant, and am hearing genuine pain in so many of them. When I first read the story at the GWI blog, the homophobic proprietors seemed too ridiculous to be so powerful. They may be laughable, but still managed to wound many people with their letter. I wonder if any of their regular customers will even hear about this? Or if knowledge of this bias would just reinforce some people in their decision to employ the Farbers?



Thanks Annie. I'm thinking if the Farbers clients heard about this - some would cheer, and some would be mortified - but I have no idea how much of this story will reach their ears. I wish it would. It made me cringe.

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