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02 October 2006



Oh! Isn't it grand out there?! I went a year or so ago with my kids. Loved it even though it was hot and buggy.

Annie in Austin

First you went to a place that any Nature Geek would consider heaven, then you find out you've been breeding Painted Buntings - that was a great day!


Wow! Patrick and I love Rudy, and seen him several times around the Lowcountry. Would have loved to have gone to Bull Island. Looks like fun.


Rudy did a wonderful show about Bull Island shortly after Hurricane Hugo. It was interspersed with scenes from a show he'd done on the island before the hurricane. I don't even want to say how long it has been since I've been out there, but it is a gorgeous place.


Joan: I think late Fall is the best time to go - less buggy, cool, and there's even a bit of Fall color. There was a nice breeze on Sunday, so that helped with the bugs.

Annie: Yep, it was the perfect way to spend the morning!

Vera: I think that the SeWee Association has a tour with Rudy Mancke every September (as a fund raiser). I had been several times before, but not on an 'official' tour. It was pretty fun.


JanetLee: He mentioned that on Sunday - I think he was out there right before Hugo hit so they had alot of really recent footage for comparison. It was interesting to hear him talk about the changes in vegetation since hurricane - for example, there are now very few sassafras trees, which are a larval food source for a number of butterflies. I hadn't been in awhile either, and it's only a 10 min drive north of me.


Yay! I love Bull Island!


Me too, Jason!

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