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27 August 2006



The buildings are gorgeous, and you got lots of exercise too.


Vera: We walked all week (that is, when we weren't sitting in a windowless conference hall) - it was great!


Admiring them certainly counts for me and is as close as I get as well. What beautiful pictures. Thank you! I like this idea of people taking turns with church pictures. You and Windveil may have started a trend! Welcome home.


Joan: Yes, perhaps we can give you a break from time-to-time...but we'll always depend on you for our regular weekly attendance!! It's good to be home, and as you know - the work inbox is overflowing a bit!


Whew... don't I know about that. I had 342 emails at work after my holiday. Stuff under my door, taped to my door and a box waiting in the mailroom. Aaargh. Good luck.


The photography is excellent. Am glad you had a good conference.


Nice pics !!


Joan: Aargh is right!

Thomas and Paul: Thanks.

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