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08 July 2006



Very clean! I'm impressed. What's the view out the window like?


I can't believe that that is the first time I've seen the lab. Looks great!


The view out the window is of the coastal marshes...for awhile. They're building a new office building between our window and the marsh soon. Bummer.


JFK - Thanks! I think Lorri P. is the only person that has been there (oh wait - Pat came for a visit) and she was surprised (I think she thought I had a Easy Bake Lab...you know, a play lab). She kept saying "wow, likes are blinking."

The tickets now are very, very expensive since we are such famous scientists.


No thats the real deal. The hoods and the glassware rack made me feel all nostalgic.

Did I miss the microscopes?


Josh: The light/fluorescent microscopes - and the confocal and TEM - are down the hall in a shared facility. And yep, it's the real deal. I really like my lab.


I've worked in clinical micro labs, so the setting is quite familiar (if a bit smaller).


Hi Mary: We've been spreading out all over the place - space is always at a premium (and we always want more!). Thanks for stopping by.

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