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01 July 2006



You wanted to coach in the majors? Wow.


Hm. I should loan you my copy of "The Physics of Baseball."

You would likely enjoy AND understand it. I just enjoyed it.


Yep TJ, we're talking majors.

Jason - I've gotta a good physics story (confession) for you. Let's just say that I never could get myself to care about how long it would take for that stupid, stupid little ball to hit the ground.



Excellent. The Riverdogs games are fun, at least the ones I take in.

The physics of baseball are simple. It hardly takes a book to understand them. Having played, payed attention to physics courses and not to mention my job in the military - let's say it was the most demanding with respect to physics - suggests to me that a book on baseball physics is akin to a book on how steam forms.



I went tubing in a river instead of attending most (99%) of my physics classes. Fortunately, I'd already gotten my firm acceptance letter into graduate school - and they seemed to overlook my one little deliquency.

I do like baseball though. Going to that game last week just reminded me again of why.

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