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15 June 2006



Those currently running the show have no time for nonsense like "data collection" or "reproducible results."

Cute little theories like evolution, gravity, and the laws of thermodynamics are just our "spin" on truth, after all...

I will say this - if we want to turn our current state of science education in this country around, we had best do it soon.

China and India are ready and willing to take our place on the cutting edge of technology and innovation on the world stage even as we stand ready to slide back into the Dark Ages, burning witches and crying heresy.


Jason - Yep, we're in a mess with respect to science and science education. It's a problem at alot of levels - being a scientist isn't cool, taking organic chemistry isn't cool, saying "I like biology" outloud makes people run...and China and India are gladly running with it.


It's interesting to consider how much has changed since summer of 2006. I think the country might be finally ready to let some smart people run things. I was thrilled to learn that President-Elect Obama has nominated a marine biologist to head up NOAA. His choice of oceanic climate change expert Dr. Jane Lubchenco is a clean break from the recent benighted past. Obama's nomination of Dr. John Holdren, Prof. of Environmental Science and Policy at Harvard's Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, to be Assistant to the President for Science and Technology is also extremely good news. The education of Americans is a product that can't be outsourced, and with the private sector in paralysis we're going to see renewed, vigorous investment in the public sector generally and in the education sector especially.

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