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20 April 2006



Passion Vine. I took a picture of one today and didn't know what it was called. Thanks.


They are beautiful. When I was young, we used to bean each other with the fruits. If you threw them hard enough, they'd make a wonderful "pop!"

Janet Edens

okay. i'm really jealous now. I ADORE antique roses. Cypress Garden (Moncks Corner) has beautiful, giant wildly disorganized bushes of scent-sational roses. I want someone to grow them in my yard for me. (I think we all know who ...)


Hey Janet - I'll definitely think of some good "starter" antique roses for you to grow! I just love them too. I have about 35 of them - and I never prune them or do anything and some of them are pretty crazy. I could give you one of my silver moons that is popping up, but you would probably hate me forever. I'll come up with some suggestions for you. Most of them, once you plant them, don't require alot of attention.


Do any roses do well in a partial shade location? Whoever landscaped my home placed gardenias in a shaded area and they were leggy and unattractive by the time I found them. I pulled them out and gave them to my mom. Currently though, I have a lot of empty space to fill and no ideas.

My lawn seems to be coming along, so I should probably pay attention to the other areas, as well.


Hey Heather: Roses don't do so well in shade. Even those that are considered shade-tolerant would still need at least four hours of sun, preferably in the morning. Does this area in your yard get any full sun at all, or is it shady all day?


It receives afternoon sun. I think what I'll do is post pictures of the "area of concern" on my blog and ask for suggestions there. (Since this seems to be on its way to the archives.)

I guess if I want roses they'll have to be by the master bedroom, that area gets all of the morning son and some afternoon as well.

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