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09 July 2013


Blackswampgirl Kim

Some day this will work out for miss Annabelle Lee! I can just feel it. ;-)

It's too late for okra here, but I'm thinking about putting in a few beans myself. By the way, what is that velvety leaf in the foreground? (My apologies if it's something I should recognize...it's hard to see detail sometimes via this iPad mini.)


Actually, it worked out for Blue the very next day (and thankfully, unlike Annabelle a few years back, he didn't eat the squirrel virtually whole).

The plant in the foreground is Plectranthus "Silver Shield" which I grow as an annual here along coastal South Carolina - I got this little one late in the season (one of those 'sale' plants that I couldn't resist). I haven't had one in my garden in awhile, and I had forgotten how much I like it!

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