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10 September 2011


Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Glad you are closer to your dad. That long drive from Charleston takes a toll.
Sorry to hear about the water in the basement, can't believe there was so much rain.
The trip to Lowes certainly sounds like an adventure.


Thanks Janet - yes, the drive today was a treat - about an hour into it, I thought 'I'm half way there!' - definitely makes a difference. And yeah - boy, the DC area had crazy amounts of rain, it just wouldn't stop. The hardware stores, etc were all out of wetvacs and sump pumps - found one here at a store near Dad's, thankfully. I'm looking forward to sunny days.


At least your father remembers your propensity for photographs. When my grandmother was in the early stages of dimentia she also was pleasant and friendly to everyone, without exception. Going out to eat with her was somewhat maddening as she would have to stop and speak with each table, as if she was the hostessing.


I love the 'knowing smiles' of commiseration you received. Bless you both. Happy cake-day!

John B.

GREAT photograph, and a really powerful last two sentences.

Here's hoping you dry out soon.


Les, it does sound like you know what I'm talking about! It was hard to get out of the store - he'd even stop in the middle of the crosswalk and talk with folks (much to the chagrin of the cars waiting to pass through). I can't come close to explaining what he remembers or what he doesn't - it's less his memory than his perception of common things, it's quite baffling. He remembers almost everyone - rarely does he forget a person. But money issues, etc? He has no understanding of these things.

Katherine, I'd save you a piece of cake if I could! Bonnie butter yellow cake with french silk frosting - and ice cream, of course. We're taking it up to his brother's today when we join them for lunch, so it will be festive.


John, right when you think you've figured him out, he surprises you. This morning he's cranky because he stayed up late and listed to the UVA football game on the radio in his room - UVA was up by a bunch, then lost the game. He's still disgusted about it this morning, and remembers every detail of the game. Go figure.


PS John, the photograph was taking with my Blackberry. Gotta love those cell phone cameras!


good to hear from you and so glad you were able to spend this time with your Dad.


Thanks Sheran. It was pretty strange, driving two hours to visit him - in contrast to eight hours. It was only a once night stay - and I think I still had it in my head that I would be there for longer, so of course I thought I could do more at the house than I actually could. Oh well.

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