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27 March 2011



A sign of a great party!

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Sleeping animals are so soothing to look at. I have a slumbering cat here in my office, on 'his' blanket beside the heater. Spring has gotten briefly lost in Nova Scotia.


What a wonderful blog to have come across. Your blogroll has some great links. I'm a dog person myself and a gardener so this is right up my alley.

anna maria

HI, it's been a while since I have commented - been busy moving to another country. I love photos of sleeping dogs, and have probably taken hundreds!
If I recall the Airstream was going to be a temporary situation, or am I remembering incorrectly?


Makes we want to take a nap!


This is probably the same scene today.


Cindi, yep - the dogs are always tired the morning after a party! Fortunately, Sunday was a day to sleep - drizzly and cold.

Hi Jodi -- hopefully spring has found you again! I'm with you on sleeping animals, snoozing dogs (and cats) are a fine thing.

Roberta, thanks for stopping by! Welcome. I'll have to go over to your place and visit as well (although that has been something I have been horrible about of late, but hopefully soon that will change). Do enjoy the links - there are some wonderful gardening-obsessed folks with blogs out there.

Jim, boy those were nap-worthy days, that's for sure. Dogs are smart that way too.


Anna Maria - I need to go by and hear about your move...can I guess that you've returned to Italy? I'll try and check in soon. As for the Airstream - instead of moving in to it to build a new house, the week I was interviewing builders I lost my job of 16 years. Rather traumatic (understatement). I was able to keep the physical lab space so that I could finish up three PhD students in my lab - and the last one just defended in mid-March. So now I'm in reconstruction mode, so to speak - and figuring out what I am going to do in my professional life. As for the Airstream, it's been a nice experience overall - I've learned the meaning of 'living minimally'. That's not a bad thing.

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