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12 March 2011



Congratulations! She did a wonderful job and you are truly a gifted mentor. (yes, you are my role model in this regard) Burn out is temporary, remember the Phoenix.....

John B.

I second the congratulations, Pam. You done good--and so did Maria, I gather.

Sometimes being decent will have to be reward enough. It stinks, quite frankly, that they can use Maria as justification for their funding and, at the same time, not compensate you for helping them do that. But, well, they have already received their reward. And in the meantime, I hope your former colleagues were watching and learning what there was to learn from both your choice to serve your student and from how your former university served you.

(I've not visited in a while; it's good to drop back by.)


Susan, I'm supposing that the Phoenix dreamed about a month on some secluded beach too..maybe? :) (And thanks).

John B., what a pleasant surprise - so nice to hear from you. I've not been wandering around blogs much at all - burnout on all sorts of levels I suppose - but I'll have to stop by soon and see what you've been up to. I've been starring in my own made-for-TV drama about academic dysfunction - and it's beginning to even bore me! Hope all is well.

jodi (bloomingwriter)

I too second the congratulations. I know we only 'know' each other across the web that is the Web, and that's not the same as sharing wine or watching the Pointer sisters run around the Airstream while we breathe in the smell of spring...but I have such huge admiration for your integrity, your dedication, and your generosity. Things are going to continue to get better and better in your world. I wish Maria all the very best as she goes out into the world, too.


Thank you Jodi. If I ever make it up your way, I'll stop by with a bottle of wine and share with you the parts of the story (most of it) that I haven't been able to share in these pages. I feel like everything I say here in just superficial in light of it all - but yes, I think that a brighter path is stretched out in front of me! PS I've been following you on FB (the Bloomingwriter site) and congrats on your book! I hope to at some point have it grace my shelves, so when we share that bottle of wine, I'll bring it along for you to sign! Congrats on the snowdrops too...

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