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03 January 2011



What a great visit. Our extension agent likes to graft his Camellias on Sasanqua root stock.
I sure like that 'Sweet Jane' love the mixed colors. I now own three Camellia, C. sasanqua 'Mine No Yuki', C. sas. 'Bonanza', and C. japonica 'Dr. J. C. Raulston'. Waiting patiently for the japonica to bloom.

Ecological Gardening

Greetings from cold, dormant, not snowy at the moment Illinois. Got here via Deep Middle and Blotanical. Camellias seem so exotic to me, flowers from an opera.


This was just the kind of story I needed to hear today, thank you!

(I love Red Formosa, but it is so hard to find, and what a color)


I love how he marks where the plants have gone in the woods by placing the pot beside it. Have to look real hard to see those black pots. Love going out to Church Creek!


I miss Skip~ I still remember him at Fran's wedding. With his Felcos snapped to his belt. Just in case.

David Perry

Annuity, Pam, you still have at magical ability to see and transport others, like me, along the seeing road with you. Opposite sides of the continent, and yet you allowed me to be right there with you and Skip.
My heartfelt thanks.

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