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11 October 2010


Susan L



Isn't it glorious! All my windows are open. Love Bulls Island. I need to get back out there too.


october is when I miss the lowcountry the most. it has been nice up here, but just doesn't compare. this year is unusual in that we haven't had a frost yet. not even a small one. every year since we have been here we have had one by now.

anyway. happy october. just beautiful.


Yep, you can't beat October down here. The one word that consistently comes to mind is 'glorious' - I really can't get enough of it!


Hi Pam, greetings from Upstate. Finally getting into the blogging world again. Think of you as I watch the political commercials. Ah, SC politics. Went to a Jane Dyer meet and great on Tuesday. Really like her.

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