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08 May 2010





You may have heard of Virginia's new Attorney-General-with-an-agenda, Ken Cucinelli who has stepped into this fray. He is trying to secure copies of e-mails from a former UVA scientist who he suspects of fraud when it comes to climate change data. Cucinelli's previous efforts were devoted to covering the exposed breast of the Roman goddess Virtus on the state seal used in his office. Before that he tried to make it illegal for state universities to offer same-sex partner benefits to their employees. All this and he has only been in office since January. I hope that his term will not last the normal four years, so that he can go back to whatever corner of the state he came from, where he can resume taunting school teachers who believe the earth is round.


Kate, agreed!

Les, I only recently learned about Ken Cucinelli's agenda. How disappointing - and even more disappointing that he is one of many with a similar agenda.


Regarding Ken Cucinelli:


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