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28 February 2010



wow Pam you are feeling better. You covered a lot today. I love the turtle pictures too.
As for the teacher workshop questions, I find this unbelievable. Intelligence is mocked and learning is becoming looked down upon. I shake my head.
Virgin Islands sound prett nice at this time of year.
Happy end of winter!!


I will be adopting your calendar from now on. We have yet another forecast for flurries this week, I wish I was a robin and could fly somewhere else at will. Today was the first day in over a week that my mind felt clear. I wish I had gotten my illness in Florida, but I got it from my wife. Hope you get good news on the job (or at least income) front.


I'm with you sister. No more winter, no more winter!!!!!!


Birds, turtles, jellies, fishies, dolphins, and teachers (humans) - you sure covered a lot with this post, Pam, which was, BTW, fabulous. Thanks!


We have tons of robins here, but I think they are a little confused by all the white crap on the ground. Your last day of winter doesn't seem to have been adopted by the state of PA...I will pursue legislation...

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