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09 December 2009



Love that. I've been sucked into a highschool conversation with some Christian Conservatives who deny any problems and offer "Gore says he invented the internet" as their supporting arguments. Hey, I thought of yall and wanted to call as I was in Chas. all week. Send contact info! Back in Jan. Jenks


Gorgeous. I'm glad someone has found a way to appeal to people's emotions while delivering the facts. Thanks for posting this.


Jenks, I've been in similar conversations, and they're impossible - hard not to get sucked into them though! I'll email you with contact info - we'd love to see you guys (oh, and I have a crinum question that I've been meaning to ask you too - about what the little seeded rock-like things were that I got from you, scattered on soil, and now have little baby crinums as a result - I think you guys had a specific names for the seeds or whatever and it's been bugging me because I can't remember).

Thanks Katherine - it really is gorgeous video (if you go to their website, they have other interesting ones as well).

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