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22 November 2009



I hope at some time to have the opportunity to sit face to face and share thoughts. Best wishes and thanks for sharing all that you do.

jodi (bloomingwriter)

Loved this post. I see nothing corny about it, and loved the humour being demonstrated by your cohorts. It IS a kind of wartime--but better days shall surely come along. Or so I always hope.


You have packed a lot into this post, with much to think about. So much so that I will concur with your lab cohorts and let you know you are #1.


Janet, that would be nice. I hope we get that opportunity too.

Jodi, thank you. And yes, it feels like our own little wartime, most definitely...and I really REALLY hope better days are ahead (we just don't see them in the horizon quite yet).

Les, thanks! I think...:)


#1 Boss deems me Poet Laureate in Exile - I laughed out loud - I just love it!!

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