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22 August 2009



Oh cool!! I have been thinking about my new SC plate. The one with the orange at the bottom (Palmetto in silohette) will clash with my red car. The one with the flag is not one I want....like the dolphin one!


meant to say...I like the dolphin one.


Janet, the new orange one is ugly - at least most people I've talked to think it is. I've been following you talk about SC - and I keep forgetting my accounts that let me log on to your site! I enjoyed your post about your visit down here (and I've heard onion rings were good there - how funny!). You'll be rather close to Aiken, right? You'll have to check out Woodlanders - have you heard of them?



I HAVE heard of Woodlanders!! In the spring there was talk of them going out of business and I was most upset. We will be about 30- 45 minutes from Aiken---an easy drive to go to a wonderful nursery. glad you have heard of the Dixie Drive-in.


I must live in fantasy land....just Googled Woodlanders from my new place in SC. About 2 hours. Still a very do-able drive.

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