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01 October 2008



Oh how wonderful! What a fantastic recognition for a beautiful and dying art. How lovely for Mary! Congratulations!


They are works of art! You always show the way with unusual observations...thanks!


I am pretty sure it is the Muhlenbergia filipes . Pete or Caroline would know for sure...

Blackswampgirl Kim

Wow... that's so cool! I would love to grow sweetgrass, but so much the better to make it into baskets.


Taylor, I thought today that I need to tell her congrats myself. I hope to catch her outside, with her basket.

Layanee, her work is really beautiful - I read somewhere yesterday where she's now working on a basket 5' in diameter. She just does amazing work.

Kate, I think it is too. But you know - that one site on sweetgrass totally says its the other one, and I sat there thinking 'huh?'

Kim, the baskets are a popular thing down here - and the road I live off of is known for having women displaying these sweetgrass baskets, working on them etc at small wooden structures (wood cross bars where they hang their baskets).

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