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09 September 2008



Amazing! Pomegranates! They are so magical. When I liven in Charleston, there was a Pomegranate tree outside of where I worked and I was heartbroken when it never set fruits. I guess it was a male tree? I don't know...

Annie in Austin

This recipe is an additional reason to bemoan my pomegranate tree's failure to set fruit. Ah well, at least the flowers were beautiful.

Have you seen Austin Gardenblogger Lancashire Rose's post about harvesting and juicing pomegranates?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Taylor, pomegranates are self-fruiting, so there's no 'female' vs 'male' tree - however much of what I've read has said that young trees (up until about 5 yrs of age) suffer from fruit drop. That has been my experience - my trees are actually about 7 years old, and this is the first year that I've got good fruit. And I do agree - hey are quite magical!

Annie, thanks, I'll go and take a look - my method of juicing one of them last night would probably be considered...primitive at best.


Hi Pam. Thanks for visiting my blog. Aren't those poms wonderful? You look like you have the same variety judging by the skin color. Thanks for the drink recipe. Incidentally we have something else in common. We have an Airstream.

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