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25 June 2008



Is it simply pretty, or is there an evolutionary survival strategy in that color combination? Either way, it is quite something and you were lucky to have seen it.


Beautiful! I've been seeing cool moths lately. Perhaps I'm just more in tune for some reason. A brilliant orange one on the glass door at work, a pale yellowish green one with wingtails fluttering outside my window one night - I thought at first it was a weird kind of bat! Perhaps it was a butterfly? Wondrous!


Thank you for taking the time to snap this shot. I've never seen one of these. It looks like it's dressed up for a dance recital!

Annie in Austin

Even the name Rosy Maple Moth is pretty - with its wings folded, this moth looks like it belongs in with a swirl of maple helicopters.

Two months is a really short time, Pam, and you have a very complicated life. It seems pretty wonderful to me that you could notice this moth and bring it to our attention.

By any chance have you seen the post by Frances of Faire Garden about vacationing at Edisto Beach?

Or the post by Gail of Clay and Limestone about vacationing at Folly Beach?

South Carolina is the place to be this summer, I guess!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lily and Kate

Lily pointed out that these moths look like the maple seeds (helicopters)...hence their proclivity for maple trees?


Who says that pink and yellow don't go together? They are definitely misinformed!


That moth is way cool. Like bright summery sorbets.


Thanks everyone - I was a bit surprised by this one (and maybe Lily's comment above is one to consider?)

Annie, thanks for these links - I'll definitely have to take a look. SC must be the place to visit this summer!

N. Butler

Just let one of these back out. Very unusual coloring.

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