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05 May 2008



Between this and the Kurohime picture below... does this mean that your hydrangea are already blooming? Wow.


Yep, they're blooming. Hydrangeas LOVE the south - it's where they belong, hanging out in acidic soils underneath a live oak tree. Hydrangeas SMILE down here.


Another link that you might find interesting is Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center http://www.wildflower.org. Although they're located in Austin they specialize in native plants and wildflowers that grow throughout the United States, and they're a very helpful group.

Brian (Seeking Hydrangeas) Paul

Voice) on his post about how the Zones are changing. It might be worth the risk looking for Perenials 1 zone higher. I'm a zone 5 myself but his company Heronswood Nursery has a huge selection of Hydrangeas Serrata that are zone 6 and higher.
What do you think - Worth the risk?

Annie in Austin

Your list makes me wonder whether someone like Mrs Whaley would make a garden like yours if she were born the same year as you, Pam, instead of before World War One...what a great blend of formal evergreens, beauty and scent with a modern desire to grow food and be 'green'. Maybe there'd be room for one little old Banana shrub?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Annie, there's one in the back - that has gotten quite large, and is nestled in with some roses - there's also a banana tree, so I think we've got the banana 'genus' covered...and as for Mrs. Whaley, yeah, I think she might have done things differently now (and I can't imagine that she wouldn't have wanted more land. Some of those downtown Charleston gardens are just too small for farmers).

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