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20 March 2008


The County Clerk

What gorgeous daffs. That double spectacular.

happy spring!


CC - you know, I was going to say that 'I really like...' and then I was going to mention the one with the orange corona, and how gorgeous the overlapping perianth is (and the resulting shadow) - but then I thought 'Well, but I also really like...how the smaller yellow one starts out yellow and then gets white on the perianth (and even a few streaks) as they age.

So instead I'll just say 'thank you' - the double is indeed quite beautiful. And happy spring to you as well.


Thanks, Pam! These are so beautiful and bring and springy and just what I want to look at right now. And I must say, I go weak in the knees for the ones with the orange centers. I'm especially pleased you put one of those up!


Taylor, thank you - and hang in there.

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