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15 February 2008



Sounds exactly like Plantwatch, which is what our citizen scientist program is called in Canada. It's too early for anything to be bursting bud here, even most of the salixes are sulking--the way the weather has been lately. However, things tend ot level out and I'll start Watching in the next few weeks. Glad you brought this up, and I should do a similar post for PlantWatch on my blog!


PS I keep forgetting to mention--we also have a threelegged kitty, (along with seven other cats with all their legs. When he was first operated on to remove his back leg after being hit badly by a car, the other cats were SO solicitous of him, very gentle and attentive. That was three years ago, and he roars around the house with the best of them. He's a tad eccentric, but a spunky little devil.
and he's not allowed out anymore, for obvious reasons. He was feral originally and rescued by the local animal society, where we adopted him, so I don't know how many lives he's already used up.


I just like the photograph - Project Budwatch sounds as if it would be right up the alley of everyone who loves posting for GBBD.

Ellis Hollow

Check out also the Journey North, especially their tulip tracking page: https://www.learner.org/jnorth/tulip/index.html


Just wandered through all of your blooms and then came to see this bud ... I love this photograph.

I was sorry to hear about your mum. It is sucha difficult thing for us to think about letting go. It must be good to know that your brother is with your parents this weekend and that your mum has many, many people about who love her.


Jodi: This was the first I had heard of Project BudBurst - when I got the email from NSF. It does sound interesting - and I'll have to take a look at what PlantWatch is all about. How cool that you have a three-legged cat too! Mine rules the dog world here, that's for sure.

Kate: That's what I thought too. In a way, alot of folks are doing that already anyway. (And thanks for your words about my Mother. It is a difficult time - and we're all just muddling through).

Craig: I went to that site - and how nice is that? Sounds like a really great program.

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