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09 February 2008



I'm very sorry about your mom. I know it must be very difficult for you to be pulled in two directions. We've taken care of my husband's parents in their poor health and it is very stressful. Take good care of yourself during this time.


My friend spent much time with her mum who was dying from lung cancer. She said the same thing you did - the cough was horrible.

I imagine your visit did much for both of your parents. Your dad would have been happy to spend time in the garden with you and also for arranging that he can attend election day.

Spending time with your mum is probably the best thing you can do for her now.

I know what you mean about thinking of two gardens in different climates.

The new wild dog will be so glad to see you ...

I wish that I could see some snowdrops ... it's -18f at the moment.


Thank you, Robin and Kate, ai really appreciate it. And wow...-18f sounds painful!

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