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31 January 2008



I think it just might be possible to fall in love with insulation ... this does sound like an incredible product (just as long as it doesn't give off toxic fumes or the like). I do care about insulation these days since my house is old and there are some drafty corners ...

I envy you the Magnolia stellata with its buds. I can only dream of one that I had which opened a pale pink. It was in my first garden in a different, less harsh climate.

So, what kind of cake did you bake? I hope you'll write about your visit.

The County Clerk

Applied as a liquid, Icynene expands to 100 times its volume in seconds to fill every crack and crevice while remaining flexible so that the integrity of the building envelope seal remains intact over time. Icynene's spray formula has an R-value of 3.6 per inch.

I don't know Icynene from what. But I will say that the R-30 Batts of Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free I just installed are each about 8.5 inches thick... good for stapling between 2 X 10 Joists.

R-30 / 8.5 inches = 3.529 per inch.

The R-19 Batts (6.5 inches thick for 2 X 6 walls (I know, it
doesn't make sense (call it 6)) comes to:

R-19 / 6 inches = 3.16 per inch.
So... 3.6 is better. No doubt. Seems cool.


I think I looked at this foam and found it to be very, very expensive (especially for a remodel) and so I elected to go another way. But of course, it is also a seal.
I don't know.

I googled 'icynene pro con' and got some interesting stuff. This one contrasts icynene (an open cell foam) with closed
celled foams. Bubble Wraps

This one, Eileen Gets a Window (a renovation blog), brings up the toxicity of the material when burned. I don't know.

There is an interesting case study here.

There is an interesting exchange here. It seems that some of these guys consider Icynene to be 4X to cost of Fiberglass (but that number isn't real because you can't go apples-to-apples). But apparently the payback is good.

In MY case I had to evaluate costs versus benefits. So I didn't get REALLY great insulation.

Two things to consider:
1. I would HATE to remodel a foam sealed house. Criminy. Any change would be a nightmare. But you won't remodel.
2. I can't get my mind around the whole concept of R-value + Seal in 1 = good. I mean. It is EASIER to do, the first time. THAT must be cheaper. But aren't houses wrapped and taped anyway?

Hell, I donno.

You should probably do it. Spend the money.


That is one freaky video! All I could think of while watching it was the fact that it closely resembled what has happened to the back of my thighs this winter...Sorry, I know it is not all about me but I didn't sleep well last night! I hope that sounds funny rather than pathetic! LOL

The other thought was about the toxicity if it burns and what foam is made of...I will have to look that up. Fiberglass insulation just seems less synthetic. I know you will make the best decision as you always weigh the pros and cons of everything and you have CC to help! Love the bud with its' furry insulation. If only it were that easy!


Kate, a simple almond scented pound cake. It was the only kind of cake I could easily make, since my own cake/tart pans are in storage now. As for toxic fumes, the County Clerk is right - I think the cons with this insulation are when it's burned - I need to read up more on that.

CC: I looked up disadvantages too - it does seem that the big one is connected with burning/fire. I'll read more.

Layanee: Fiberglass has it's pros and cons too (as does, let's face it, everything) - and yes, your comment about the foam made me laugh. Yes - perhaps a gazillion Magnolia stellata buds would insulation my house just fine? (I could never sacrifice them though).


Oops ... I should have read your comments before posting a comment on your more recent post.

An almond pound cake sounds good - I must be hungry (although, after reading Layanee's comment, I'm beginning to think less-cake eating on my part might be a good thing!!)


p.s. I've added your blog to my 'playing in the dirt' links.

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