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27 October 2007



I'm so sorry about Wood, Pam. The second-guessing is natural, but you're right to try to let it out and then put it aside, remembering a life well lived. You gave her that.


Glad to know the Evening Class entry was comforting. Thank you for the tip of the hat. Antonio Machado is one of my favorite poets!

Annie in Austin

The mandolin music was beautiful, Pam - different from other mandolin music I've heard. Seeing the Garcia/Grisman movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0265212/ persuaded me to buy a mandolin several years ago with the hope I'd learn how to play someday.

What a kind brother you have! Even as you mourn your friends, you probably are wise to rebuild your pack sooner rather than later, before Stanley begins to prefer life as an only child. The mention on the German Shorthair site about this breed's inclination to hunt cats was a little scary... and not in a head-in-a-bottle Halloween way. Will Haiku have to live on top of the Airstream?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Pam: Thanks.

Maya: I really enjoyed your site, stumbled upon - and was not all that familiar with Antonio Machado - so I really enjoyed your post.

Annie: Yes, my brother is a good guy - I'd have to agree with that. Regarding German Shorthairs, my 'first' dog was one - she was a rescue dog and lived happily with two cats. They have a strong prey drive, but honestly I think it's an exaggerated trait. I requested a young female, so it might be awhile before they match me up with one. Quite frankly, I think Stanley is already annoyed with being the only dog - I keep dragging him everywhere and he gets this look on his face like 'man, come on, I'm napping'.

I really like the music as well - I'll take a look at the link you mentioned too.


I'm sorry to hear the very sad circumstances of Dogwood's passing. I hope that you do file your complaint with the S.C. Veterinary Board.

I am an animal advocate in S.C. with lots of experience with our vet board. I would like to hear from you with more details.


Marcia Rosenberg


Oh, Pam. What a sad thing to have to know.


I am so sorry to hear about the last few hours of Dogwood; I can only imagine the anguish all of this has created, given that I, too, have beloved dogs that I would do anything to keep them from suffering. Neither one of my dogs could stand being an only dog--they have always had at least one other canine companion. The right dog will come along to join the pack--they always do, don't they? You're right to want to share what you can give to another dog who needs it.


"... Another dog deserves that opportunity. I can do that."

Dogs make having a life well lived seem pretty effortless. It's sometimes a little harder for us humans for whatever reason. In the face of what you've encountered in the past few weeks, for you to make the statement above... well, let's just say that you make it seem pretty effortless, too.


I love that picture of Wood and Beagle, yin and yang.

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