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13 September 2007



Maybe lobster isn't a good substitute for having your children there in the flesh, but it's awfully nice of you to include dinner for the friends who have helped out your parents so much. I bet your parents are bragging (or at least thinking) about how great their kids are, to be so thoughtful. Knowing that must be a great gift.

It does feel an awful lot like autumn. I have a sudden urge to dig out my sweaters and build a fire.


Kim: Thanks - they'll enjoy the lobster, but I can also tell (by their voice) that they'd rather have our presence. It's made me crave a good Maine lobster dinner though.

The last few evenings here I've really noticed it getting dark earlier - so my internal 'light' trigger makes me lapse into autumn thoughts too - only difference down here is that we've still been in the upper 80's during the day. A cold front is coming through for the weekend - so lows only in the lower 80s. Okay, that cooler, but sweater weather? Definitely not down here. I like this time of year though.

The County Clerk

Your father and my father share a birthday.

Happy birthday to him.

More later.


CC: Happy Birthday to your father as well.

Chris M

Your planting notes make me wonder if I should do in the tomatoes and other summer crops and attempt some of those you listed...hmmm..


Chris: I'd definitely do in the tomatoes (are they still producing anything?) - and at the very least get some lettuce and spinach in - maybe brocolli. I'm going to plant onions and garlic now too (you can buy organic garlic from the store and plant the outer cloves - don't plant conventional garlic because they often are treated with sprouting inhibitors).

Annie in Austin

As a parent who is seldom with her children for any of our birthdays, I sympathize with your parents' wish to be together. As realists, we've learned to just enjoy any meetings, whenever they happen.

Even though I try to be a realist, Pam ... your dad and Hank's dad sharing the same birthday has me wondering about this astrology business.



Annie: Yeah, I wish I had been there.

As for the whole astrology business, it is pretty funny. The world (and more specifically, the blogosphere) is an interesting place - that I do know for sure.

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