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09 September 2007



Pam, I enjoyed your Sunday morning walk. It's so beautiful out there, especially with those fresh blue skies reminiscent of fall.

I blogged a Sunday morning walk today too.


I think I missed the great gallbladder removal event... but Wood's happiness is pretty evident in the post. Your comments on the happy dog whine were right on, btw. It would be incredibly annoying if it didn't make your heart turn to mush.


Pam: It was definitely one of those emornings when I realized how lucky I am to have the ocean so close - I went over to your place and took a walk as well.

Kim: My middle dog, Wood, was having all sorts of problems in the early spring and I was worried that it was liver disease (possibly liver cancer) but an ultrasound ruled that out, but suggested that her gallbladder was infected - one surgery (and one gallbladder later) she's doing really well. They ruled out cancer and think that she just had a persistent gallbladder infection. She isn't young - she turns 12 in a few months - but compared to my beagle, who is a few weeks shy of 18, she's a mere baby (the beagle is doing the kidney failure thing though now - and boy is it hard). Yes, mush about sums it up.


Ah... that explains it. (And makes me want to give both of them a good belly scratch and a kiss on the nose.) Glad to hear that Wood is doing better, and of course that whole backstory would make the happy dog whine so much sweeter a sound for you to hear. :)


Where did the beach go? I assume thats a tidal pool (Ha, almost typed "Title pool") in the last picture? I hope.


I needed a walk on the beach so thanks! Does beagle mind being left behind? Dogs do steal the show don't they!


I like walking the dogs on Sullivan's Island. Station 12 is my favorite spot. I just blogged today about Nancy, the dog cookie lady's birthday. Glad that Wood had fun. Nice photos.


Kim: She is indeed the Perfect Wood, whine and all. And they would both gladly accept a nose kiss and a good belly rub anytime!

Scott! It's you! How are you? I was just emailing Kate, and feel desperately in need of a redneck happy hour. Okay, Sullivans. The big sandbar is bigger - and it's not connected - maybe around station 20 or so - to the main beach, so when I park at station 28, there is a 'lagoon' of sorts and just a very small beach now. The beach up near the lighthouse is still wide and nice - but like all good barrier islands, it's doing what barrier islands do best: shifting. It's interesting to watch (and a title pool would probably be cool to watch too...).

Layanee: The beagle is quite blind and deaf - and just like a 115 yr old human, she prefers her big soft dog bed and the comforts of home - so no, she doesn't mind (as long as the food keeps coming...).

Elizbeth: Thanks. Sullivans has been changing so much over the past few years - I've always gone in around station 28, but I think the other end of the island would be a better walk now. I'll have to go and check on Nancy later!

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