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29 April 2007


anna maria

Your poem is beautiful.
And thank you for the link to Stanley Kunitz, that was quite an experience as well.
Gardening does make one think a lot, for some reason.


Anna Maria: Kunitz' book is really nice - and there are all of this images of him in his garden, which looks really amazing. He can grow so many of the perennials that I cannot. I like his poetry (but he's not a favorite) - I probably think I'd like him more than his poetry.

The County Clerk

My goodness. I've been distracted and missed a great deal.

The first dog thing is remarkable. Holst is "not my bag" - though I can't tell you how many times I've purchased "the planets" in different forms to try and convince myself otherwise. Poetry and Science can be one, I think. After all, what is more poetic than the natural world, as we learn more and more about it (and yet still know nothing). The " collection of poems written by poets after a conversation with a scientist" in interesting, though as I've stated immediately before, I'm more interested in Poet Scientists... like you.

Your post of bacteria - Communicating Science - was an "artful" thing. The communication you claimed to see was in your head and in your perception of a 2D image. You shared it, and now it is in our heads too. The fact that you even dealth with "communication" (which may be an abstract idea - I'm trying to decide) is interesting.

In short, I think we (not you but society) "cop out" and label some people as scientists and accountants and others as "creatives." This is a flawed perspective. We are all creatrive. Some of us just don't care about curtains.

I don't know many scientists, but those I do know are invariably creative. They are just programed to believe that they aren't, because they are "scientists."

I need to spend some more time here. I saw some hollyhocks somewhere. I need to catch up.

The County Clerk

Ah! The ode is yours!

Ha! Now that's a delight.


CC: Yes, people often draw curtains - around each other and themselves. Unfortunate and unnecessary I think. Perhaps you need to write an 'Ode to Lupines'? I think it's a useful exercise - of both word usage and gratitude.

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