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19 January 2007



As I heard someone say at the very first blogger meet-up, you have one of the finest, most natural "voices" in our blogosphere. Whatever you write will be good, and will fill the needs of the readers diverse. Personally, I'd love more "science talk", but not at the expense of the poems, the yard, the boat, the dogs, the flora, and finally, the pictures. Just keep writing, and we will keep enjoying.


Thanks for the nice comment first thing in the morning. It is very much appreciated. Sometimes I feel good about what I write, and sometimes for weeks I feel flat (and even bore myself, so I can't imagine what others must think!). I suppose that is part of the process. But I do want to incorporate more science - and I'll try.


Last year was the year I branched out a bit from just my knitting and crocheting blogs and got into reading other types of blogs, science blogs being one of the categories. I will check out the posts.


Vera: I do think that you'll enjoy them! It was good seeing you last Sunday (and I like that large bag too, that you just posted - the pattern is great).


I'm a big Bora Z. fan -- what a brilliant, irrepressible guy.

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