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30 October 2006



Ahhhh! Runs, screaming, from the room. That was the scariest compilation of pictures I've ever seen! Shudder. Excuse me, I'm going to turn on more lights.


JanetLee: Yes, turn all of the lights on, be sure the doors and windows are locked, jump into bed and pull the covers up over your head. It's a scary scene indeed here in Lower Awendaw.

Annie in Austin

Most of those photos made me jump, especially that terrific shot of a snarling Cheney - but I had to look up a few of the names that terrorize Carolinians. We Texans have our own gallery of scary people, many of them up for reelection right now.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Annie: Yes, we have a few creepy Carolinians that we are reluctant to share with the world...like Sandi Engelman, a Charleston County school board member, who used the acronym (honest-to-God) 'CPT' (someone had to tell me that it stood for 'colored people's time') in a conversation on a morning talk show (which can be heard here, if you want to get REALLY creeped out: http://charleston.net/assets/webPages/departmental/news/default_pf.aspx?NEWSID=113650

Then there's Andre Bauer, who's up for re-election as Lieutenant Governer, a job he'll try to do inbetween speeding down the SC interstates (and getting out of speeding tickets) and playing on his myspace website (http://www.laurinmanning.com/blog/archives/2006/03/29/while-were-raising-an-eyebrow-at-the-lite-guv/).

There's a long list of scary people here in South Carolina (I don't need to tell you this - you've got one of the creepiest originating right there, out of your own backyard) - but there were only 13 nights, and I had to focus on some of the creepiest.


Oh! I left out creepy Henry Brown. Our very own US Congressman from South Carolina. His misguided adventures can be followed here: http://www.abouthenrybrown.com/

Janet Edens

Omigawd ... thanks, Pam. Now I have to sleep with the light on.


Janet: It was a creepy, creepy night. Even keeping the lights on didn't lessen my fears!

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