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04 October 2006



I'm thinking I like this "Month of Birthday" idea.

Also, love your idea for the 13 Days of Halloween. I may use the "song" as an intro for big Halloween posts.


Thanks for passing on the news about the Chas Garden Festival.


Cat: Yeah, I have several friends who have birthdays this time of year, and it's become pretty funny, like there's always a birthday-related activity going on. My birthday is the end of the "Month of Birthday" and by then all I want to do is stay home - I'm generally exhausted by then. (Oh - Happy Birthday to you!). I think you came up with the 13 days, I was thinking 12! Thirteen days is much much better. I was thinking about starting 13 days before Halloween, and posting one of something, then two of something, etc for the rest of the month....if I can keep up with it! It'd be fun if we both did it.

Vera: I figured that Patrick would enjoy it, since you said he liked Pete's - also, try to come for the thing on the 29th out at Pete's Herb Farm - it should be a really nice afternoon/evening (I think it'll go from 2-8 pm).

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