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28 October 2006



As I think about the admendment on the sixth anniversary of my marriage, I'm reminded of the not so distant past when my union would have been considered illegal, and how sad I would have been not to marry the person I love.

I also think about how badly history will judge us for not speaking out and letting this admendment pass.

It'll get a NO from me.


Vera: What an interesting perspective and a perfect response. Yes, we need to speak out. Each of us.

Uncle Zoloft

thank you, thank you, thank you


Uncle Zoloft: I'll do what I can. Mostly I've preaching to the choir, but when I find a 'yes' voter, I try and talk to them about it. We'll see.


I am outraged this is even on the ballot. I'm going to be embarrased to live in SC if it passes.


Nelumbo: I'm with you. It shouldn't even be on the ballot. Hope all is going well with the new kid!

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