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10 September 2006



He may need to hear from an old friend, or perhaps it is your need. Either way, sometimes those little whispers are hard to ignore.


Heather: I've already found his e-mail address, and sent him one...couldn't dig up a phone number in New Orleans...


Beautiful blue, I wonder if it would make it here in Mass.

Annie in Austin

Good luck with reconnecting - bet he'll be glad, too.

It's amusing to think that if I planted that beautiful but invasive blue flower, instead of the normal gardening wish for it to do its best, instead the correct thing to do is hope that it dies back over winter and barely survives!



rdl: I think it would have to stay in a pot, and put inside during the winter - in your neck of the woods.

Annie: I have alot of stuff in my garden where I'm relieved that it gets cold enough here to kill it to the ground - it is pretty strange though...I had thought of it that way.

linda garner

I have had several Tibouchinas over the years. I live in the southwest of England, so we don't get too many frosts, though I do put it in an unheated greenhouse in winter.
I have just purchased one for my birthday and already in early August it has about 10 buds. I simply love the magnificent purple flowers. This year I am going to take cuttings, and hope to be successful.
Linda August 2010

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