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20 September 2006


Bill Hooker

My wife loves Halloween too. I mean LOVES it. I'd never seen it before I moved here -- it doesn't really exist in Australia -- but I like it just for the amount of fun Cat has with it. Last year, we had Cat dressed up as a witch, a skeleton on the porch and a ghost in the upstairs window, spooky music, lights and a hundred little hand-decorated bags filled with sweets and toys. Seriously good loot. We got about 30 t-or-t'ers; I expect many more this year. So far all I know about the decorations this year is, there will be tombstones.


BH: Tombstones are a must. If you want to make your own, let me know - and I'll see if Jeff will tell how to make them out of concrete. The one's that I have got look great - sufficiently creepy for sure.

Bill Hooker

Thanks Pam, but the Spousal Unit informs me that this year's tombstones will be made out of painted insulating foam. The giant spider's web, strung between the monster maple trees in our front yard, will be made of twine and decorated with a truly enormous foam/faux fur spider whom I have christened Peter (as in Parker, of course).

Oh, and speaking of the SU, she would like a picture of the tombstones in your yard if possible!


BH: Wow, a faux fur spider! I took pics and posted them of the tombstones, per your request.

Bill Hooker

Thanks for the pictures; Cat was appropriately gleeful. I'm not sure the spider is the kind of faux fur you may be thinking of -- I'll post pictures, anyway, when we get him set up in the web.


BH: My pleasure - I think, since I know that I have at least one potential Halloween freak like myself checking in from time-to-time, that I'll post the 'Twelve Days of Halloween'. (Oh - and I'm guessing the faux fur I'm thinking about is the same thing, since I have a small version of the spider I'm guessing...).


12 Days of Halloween? Do tell! I was thinking of watching 31 scary movies, but I don't have time to watch a movie every day in October.


Cat: I was going to make up my own 12 days of Halloween...the scary movie idea is a great one - but the whole time thing would be difficult. I'm hoping to find the time to read one scary movie this month! I've told myself that once this grant is in, and the review panel is done - that the last two weeks of October are MINE (except for writing the part of the other grant that I'm only co-pi on...). Ever carved beets? I'll post some soon.


Well if you're making them up, may I join in? Though I think I'd do 13 Nights. Heh.

I have never carved beets--I bet they look great though. I may have to steal that idea.

I put up a pic of my stones-in-progress:



Oh fun - I'll go and take a look at your tombstones. Yes, lets do the 13 days of Halloween! That is too perfect!!! Let's both do it. Fun!

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