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25 September 2006



Eee! Those are great!

I hope to be able to post pics of my first foam version in a couple days--I'm still painting.

I keep meaning to take my (almost 200) spooky links and put them in some semblance of order. That may be a job for next year...when there are 500.


Ooh! Those are grand! I need some.


Cat: Your links are great! Quite a collection - a dream come true for me. I'll look forward to seeing your foam tombstones - they sound like they might be fancy!

Joan: A couple of bags of concrete, some cardboard boxes - and a strong back...and they're yours! Let me know if you want some instructions - Jeff will share them I'm sure.


No kidding! You made them yourself? How cool is that. Do you leave them out all the time? You mean I could have my very own little fake cemetery? I may need those directions.


OOps - read back to see that they were a gift :) Wake up, Joan.


Joan: Yep, I leave them out all of the time. They're concrete - and heavy - they're actually quite perfect. And easy to make...so start designing yours and I'll come over one Saturday afternoon and we'll make you some. You need some!

Annie in Austin

If you're want your headstones to have substance with a little less weight, you can make them out of Hypertufa, that homemade perlite, peat moss & portland cement mixture used for all sorts of outside containers and decor. We haven't tried it ourselves, but some people were talking about it awhile ago on the Hypertufa forum at GardenWeb. That stuff is pretty durable, and you can mix masonry coloring into thte mixture, too.



Annie: I've made 'troughs' for succulents out of that mixture - never knew that it had a name! That's a good idea.

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